Since 2008, all Wisconsin hospitals have received and completed the WHA Community Benefits Survey. In 2015, Wisconsin's 133 hospitals provided more than $1.7 billion in community benefits. Wisconsin hospitals are spending millions of dollars delivering benefits for which they do not receive, and do not expect, reimbursement. Reporting what hospitals so freely give is not just about the dollars that are spent, for financial results alone don't explain how people's lives are touched, changed and saved in communities across Wisconsin. That is why the personal stories that are featured in the WHA Community Benefits Report more clearly illustrate the impact that hospitals have on people.

To learn more about Wisconsin hospitals connecting to the communities they serve, click the report graphic below.

WI Hospitals Provided More Than $1.7 Billion in
Community Benefits in FY 201

Charity Care (at cost)

$ 175,922,573

Medicaid Shortfalls


Losses on Other Public Programs


Subsidized Health Services


Nursing Home Losses


Community Health Improvement Services


Donations, research, education, operations




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