Wisconsin State Health Plan

"Healthiest Wisconsin 2020"

Every ten years, a team of health care experts gathers with staff from the Department of Health and Family Services, to develop a plan to address the top health priorites in the state. The health priorities identified in the most recent State Health Plan, "Healthiest Wisconsin 2020," are applicable to every community in the state; therefore, local hospitals and their partners use the priorites to guide their resource allocations as they address specific community health issues.

The 11 health priorities in Wisconsin are:
Access to primary and preventive health services
Adequate and appropriate nutrition
Alcohol and other substance use and addiction
Environmental and occupational health hazards
Existing, emerging and re-emerging communicable diseases
High-risk sexual behavior
Intentional and unintentional injuries and violence
Mental health and mental disorders
Overweight, obesity and lack of physical activity
Social and economic factors that influence health
Tobacco use and exposure